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Best of the best..!!

By  On: 08 May 2014

My biggest stress was internally created about my weight and failure to control it or make progress in lowering it. Before contacting Ankita Gupta, I worked with 3 other nutritionists in the past . The first recommended many healthy whole grains to support my weight loss success. The second made me go through expensive food sensitivity testing and a very restrictive healthy grain heavy elimination diet. I did not have success with either of these nutritionists. The third told me in my first and only visit that she just wanted to talk about my feelings about food rather than give any recommendations. I left these appointments feeling judged a failure.
When i first saw the website of Dt. Ankita Gupta, Was I really psyched and was hopeful that it would finally help me lose weight and more importantly maintain a healthy Diet. I sent a message over her website to get in touch with me and to discuss the entire problem i am facing after hearing my entire schedule and my day to day routine for like good 45 minutes. she understood my way of living life and then when i enrolled to take a healthy diet plan and losing weight quickly she gave me a plan to follow and there on she is regularly in touch and following up so well whether i have any problem or not and how i feel after following the plan.. Even if i am low sometimes seeing my weight that sometimes i feel i am not able to lose weight.. She confidently makes me feel better that i need not to worry about anything and i will be able to see the changes soon.. Trust me i have never felt so confident they way she takes her work seriously is what makes me motivated and i am following it regularly..
None the less i have seriously lost weight and i have already made my mind to keep taking the advice from her and i will enroll all my family members to take advice from her and enroll with her for a family dietitian.

She is So perfect in her work that i really haven't seen in any of the dietitians, ofcourse nobody would believe in it until you try yourself.

May the lucky fatty person will have a better luck to be enrolled with Dietitian Ankita... :)

Warm Regards
Vivek ( VIK )


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